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Today we are praying for Wiseways Childcare Centre which provides care for 3-5 year olds and their families in our community. 
This update provides much for us to remember as we join Wiseways in prayer - in thanks and in continuing prayer requests. 
"It has been a busy time at Wiseways as we wound down for Christmas break and are now starting back up again this year with a few new children joining us. Despite some anxiousness surrounding COVID protocols, there is still lots to be thankful for.
Praise Reports:
We are so thankful that everyone has stayed healthy and safe and we have been able to continue operating, without any outbreak or need for closure.
Though we did have a staff member and one of our families contract COVID over the Christmas break, we praise God that they all had very mild symptoms. We are also thankful that this happened while they were on Christmas break and so no one else the Centre was exposed to the virus. 
At the beginning of December we were able to have a hybrid Christmas concert with some families joining us in person and others tuning in to live stream. It was so wonderful to have our first in person event since COVID, and share the story of Jesus’ birth with our families, while still following the gathering guidelines to ensure it was done safely.
In December we had a new staff member join our team who will work as inclusion support and classroom aid.  She brings some wonderful experience to the role.
Prayer requests:
The new Omicron variant brings new realities for Wiseways around the potential infection rates and so we pray that God will continue to protect all of the children, staff, and families.  
As we navigate the uncertainty of this new phase of the pandemic, we ask for wisdom and confidence in the decisions we make as we work to keep everyone safe.
For our staff, we pray that they will have the endurance they need to get through this next wave and find a new rhythm, so that they can have fun and enjoy their time with the children."