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Today we pray for Wiseways - Lambrick's Childcare Centre which ministers to our community on a daily basis. Here's what's new with them and how we can pray with them. 
Wiseways started our new school year on Tuesday September 7, including our new fourth classroom! The children and the staff are excited for a new year filled with all kinds of fun adventures and opportunities for learning. Over the summer break there was a lot going on with maintenance projects, the new HVAC system, as well as a new fence around the front yard of the Cozy Cottage! What a blessing to have these practical needs met, and a new play space for the children to enjoy and support the logistics of coordinating outdoor gross motor time for all four classes.
Praise Report:
  • We give thanks for God's protection over the children, staff, and families while operating under our COVID-19 protocols over the past year.
  • We are starting the year with a full staff and are so blessed that the open positions were filled by returning staff members that we know and are already familiar with Wiseways.
  • All of our registration spaces are filled and we can start the year knowing that we are meeting the needs of the community while providing for the financial needs of the Centre.
Prayer Requests:
  • The continued safety of the children, staff and families.
  • Comfort for anxious parents and children as they start this new school year.
  • Support for our staff so they can feel confident and ready to provide for the needs of the children in their care.
Thank you for your constant support of Wiseways and keeping us in your prayers.