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Today we pray for Wiseways - Lambrick's Childcare Centre which ministers to our community on a daily basis. Here's what's new with them and how we can pray with them. 
There have been many new developments at Wiseways as we prepare for the summer and our new school year in September. We are in the process of creating a fourth classroom to provide care for eight more children and are very excited for the opportunity to support more families. Also, our COVID-19 restrictions brought to light some of the limitations in the Cozy Cottage classroom and so we have also been working on creating more room in that space. In order to do this, we hope to add an enclosed coat room on the back patio, and fence in the front yard to use as an additional outdoor play area for the classrooms. After a year of many unknowns and uncertainty, it is such an encouragement to see how God is growing this ministry and using us to support the families in our community.
Praise Reports:
  • We give thanks that after one year of operating under COVID-19 guidelines, everyone has remained healthy and safe with even less sickness than a typical year because of the extra precautions taken.
  • After a slow start to this fiscal year with low registrations, we have not only been able to recover that loss in revenue, but expect to end the year with a surplus which will help to support the projects we are working on. Praise God!

Prayer Requests:

  • For continued protection over all of the staff, children, and families.
  • That the projects we are working on will run smoothly and the staff will be given the endurance they need as we work to complete them.
  • That we will find the right person to join our team in September as we search for one more staff member, and that we will be able to fill all of our classrooms.
Thank you again for keeping us in prayers.