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A Summer Update from Pastor Scott

*If desired, download in pdf format below.

Into the Life of Jesus ---------------------------------

This fall, following our September mini-series, we will be diving into a year in the gospel of Mark with a desire to introduce the curious and skeptical to the truth and beauty of Jesus, to deepen our vision of the gospel, to be drawn into the life of Jesus, and to grow as a Jesus-community. Yup, we’re aiming high! Because this is what Jesus is after! As the apostle Paul says in Colossians 1:28 – “He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.” Everyone! Fully mature – fully alive in Jesus!

I say all this to invite us to start praying and asking Jesus how He might want to lead us to lean into the life of the gospel this year – together and with others who don’t know Jesus. Maybe this fall would be a great opportunity to host a seeker-study in the gospel of Mark with a few of your friends or neighbors (we’d be glad to point you to some great resources). Or maybe you need to dig deep into the gospel and Jesus with a few others this fall – for the sake of what God wants to do in you.

Imagine what God could do this year in us, among us and through us – as we lean into the life of Jesus together!

12 Sermons ---------------------------------------------

“It takes a church.” This is a life-giving truth for me – who (like many of you) often feels the weight of more than I can handle. The elders have been wonderfully understanding and supportive as I seek to lead Lambrick and still be human (ie. live with limits). With this in mind, at some point, we’d love to add an associate pastor to our team, but this is not the right step right now. That said, for the sake of sustainability, we’ve invited Daniel McDougall to join our preaching team for one year – preaching 12 times over the next 12 months (Sept 2019-Aug 2020). This won’t reduce my (Scott) preaching, as much as lighten the load of needing to hunt down external guests, while providing more consistency and relationship in our regular preaching. It’s a side-gig for Daniel, but it will be a blessing to us, and, I trust, to Daniel and Sandi as they continue to minister full-time on the UVic campus to international students and faculty.

Living the Mission – Even on Sundays! ---------------

I’m thankful that we are a church that puts the emphasis on life and faith beyond the walls of our church and Sunday morning, but, here and there, I’m struck with the need for us to also bring this same intentionality into our Sunday mornings together.

In the grace of God, every Sunday we have women and men step in our doors who don’t know what to think about God or the church, or how the gospel applies to their life at the moment. Some of these folks look like us and are easy to approach, and others are not –but each one needs to know God’s grace as much as we do.

Which means: We get to live out our calling – to practice hospitality and grace, to extend kindness and welcome, to pray for others and be the hands, feet and ears of Jesus right here on Sunday mornings too. May God gives us faith to recognize and embrace the ministry invitations all around us.

Growing Leaders: Monthly ------------------------------

Psalm 78:72 says, “And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.” This verse captures something I (Scott) feel called to invest in more in the coming year – developing, equipping and encouraging leaders within the life of our church to live and lead with integrity of heart and skillful hands. We need leaders – of ministries and homegroups, discipleship and outreach, you name it – who are intentionally growing in Christ and in the core skills of leadership.

Starting this fall, I am going to be leading a monthly Growing Leaders gathering (official name and time tbd) explicitly for this purpose. If you are a leader at Lambrick or want to become a leader at Lambrick, consider including this in your plans.

Stay tuned for more details…

Jesus, Women and the Gospel --------------------------

As many of you know, the elders are in a season of conversation and discernment about the role of women as elders at Lambrick. Although I’m sure we’d all love this to come to a quick conclusion, we are convinced that this is not an issue to rush through, nor should it become our sole focus. Our deep desire and prayer is to walk and lead a path that will actually deepen our unity for the road ahead. This is clearly God’s longing for us. Thank you to all who are praying for us and Lambrick through this process. May the peace of Christ continue to unite us and lead us forward in the way of the gospel.

Lastly, Lambrick’s Secret Sauce ------------------------

A little while back, someone asked me what has sustained God’s work at Lambrick through all the ups and downs? i.e.: What has been Lambrick’s secret sauce? 

And beyond the unchangeables of Jesus and the gospel, the centrality of scripture, grace and prayer – I can’t ignore the abiding role of living rooms. And specifically, what happens in living rooms when friends and strangers come together with open Bibles, open lives and honest prayer – all with a vision and desire to grow and see others grow as disciples of Jesus.

Every month new people step in our doors – college students and retirees, families in transition and people with diverse life-experiences – and each one needs more than Sunday morning could ever provide. They need to find themselves invited into a living room where God will be sought and experienced in the give and take of community.

If this stirs something for you – and you are a part of Lambrick, known by others, and have a heart to help others know and grow up in Christ – why don’t you start praying about how you could fill your living room this fall?

Thanks for reading!

for God’s glory, for the sake of the world, and for our joy in Him,

Scott Anderson