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This week we pray for our local mission partner - The Mustard Seed Street Church, which seeks to fight hunger and restore faith to people living in greater Victoria.  
With the help of more than 50 volunteers daily, The Mustard Seed impacts an average of 5,000 individuals per month. Lives are transformed on a daily basis!  Mustard Seed was our 2019 Advent fund-raising project and we were able to provide a significant contribution towards facility renovations which have allowed them to better serve their community.

Though many services have changed due to Covid protocols, they continue to serve.  We join them in a prayer of thanks for:

-           the opportunity for share Christ’s love and hope in Victoria

-          those who give to the ministry of the Mustard Seed Street Church

-          the current volunteers who continue to serve.

We also join them in prayer:

- for health and safety of the staff and volunteers: for the teams that go out into the community to rescue food that is used to serve the community – particularly the drivers who bear the greatest exposure to the virus 

- for the Mustard Seed Congregation: that despite the difficulties of COVID  they would remain steadfast while being physically separated and that the lonely and left behind would feel the community of God  

- that the Spirit of God would touch lives and encourage life-restoring transformation