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This week we pray for our local missions partner Sanctuary Youth Centre.  Based in the basement of Church of Our Lord in downtown Victoria they serve as a safe place for some of the most vulnerable people in our city - street entrenched and at-risk youthbetween the ages of 14 and 22.

Here are some of their prayer requests: 
  • A young man we have been praying for and working with has been accepted into Wagner Hills Farm for early October! (a Therapeutic Farming Community for men and women). Praise God! Please pray no hurdles will stand in the way and he will follow through with requirements for entry in the program there.
  • Staffing: Please pray for the Lord's guidance on finding and choosing the right staff to complement our Drop in Staff team.
  • Pray for our "Ride for Refuge" fundraiser on September 23.
  • And please pray for Darin as he has an exploratory procedure on September 12 (related to stomach issues). Please pray for wisdom on the part of doctors and Darin as they navigate this health concern.