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This Sunday, we will be joined by Chan Skalinder, from Partners International. Partners International work globally to equip Christian leaders and local churches to respond in areas of extreme need. It is through Partners International that Lambrick has been connected with Mahima Homes in India for several years now. Partners International also helped us to identify Beginning of Life Moldova, who were the recipients of our 2022 Advent offering. The Advent offering was for a specific project, delivering necessary supplies to individuals effected by the war in Ukraine, but we also are exploring opportunities to partner with their work going forward. 
We look forward to hearing more from Chan in our Sunday service this coming week, but for now, here are some ways we can pray for the ministries of Mahima Homes in India, and Beginning of Life in Moldova:
Mahima Homes India:
  • Pray for the staff and the new director that is starting this month.
  • Pray for the girls health and that school goes all as they prepare for exams
  • Pray for the continued work on the Smita Singh memorial home
Beginning of Life (BoL) Moldova:
  • Pray for the team to have strength to continue their regular work and the additional work with the Ukrainian refugees
  • Pray for the protection of the teams still traveling into Ukraine with supplies
  • Pray that doors continue to open for the ministry to impact other former Soviet countries