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With the two ships now we have a lot of opportunities to serve on-board, or on-shore.

  • There are many opportunities for 1 and 2 year commitments, with no previous training required.
  • We are also in need of professionals, marine engineers, HVAC technicians, cooks, nurses, IT/media specialists.
  • Several short term opportunities (1 - 3 months) exist as well. These are meant for training and learning more about multi-cultural missions.

Visit our website for more information about the ministry and all the ways to serve on board, including the short-term exposure programme, one and two-year opportunities, as well as vacancies for those with specific skills and qualified crew:

Contact your local OM office for information about the process of joining:

All roles within OM’s Ship Ministry are support-based, meaning you need to raise funds to cover the costs associated with your term of service. Discuss the opportunity with your church leaders and talk with family and friends about how God is leading you and the need for support.