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This week, we pray for Operation Mobilization (OM) and specifically for the ministry of the ship's ministry on the Logos Hope. 
We pray for the international crew and staff of volunteers who live and work on the ship as they fulfill their ministry of sharing knowledge, help and hope.
We pray:
  • for sufficient crew to serve on board the ship
  • for those who visit the ship, that they will be impacted by God’s love when they step on board
  • that, particularly with the challenges of the pandemic, doors will open for the crew to serve people in many different countries
  • for God’s provision in the areas of finance
  • for good relations with the local Churches
We pray that, this Sunday, as we are challenged by missions happening internationally and locally, that we are open to what God may be saying to us and our role in missions.  May we have hearts and minds sensitive to the needs around us and be aware of how we can be part of spreading the gospel and showing the love of Christ to others.