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Today we pray for our International Missions Partner OM Ships International.  Their ship, Logos Hope, visits ports around the world with an international crew and staff of volunteers who work with local churches in each port to impact the community.  Local people are invited onboard to visit Logos Hopes’s floating book fair (often a first-ever opportunity to purchase quality educational and Christian literature) and hear the message of the gospel. Teams from the ship go into surrounding areas to minister with local churches, supply aid and provide community care to meet local needs.

After 6 years abroad (most recently in Africa) the ship has now returned to Europe – currently in Spain.  Individuals who are interested in being part of the Logos Hope Ministry can volunteer for a 2 month, one year or two year term, and professionals can commit to fill specific duties on board for varying lengths of time.

We join in prayer with OM Ships for the following needs:

  • For sufficient crew to serve on board the ship. In particular, for qualified deck and engineering officers to bring the ship from port to port.
  • For those who visit the ship - that they will be impacted by God’s love.
  • That doors will open for the crew to serve people well and that God will bless the crew with favour in the eyes of authorities.
  • For God’s provision in the areas of finance – the ministry is dependent on the gifts of supporters.  
  • For good relations with the local Churches. Their support and partnership is vital to the ministry in each port and follow-up contacts.