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Today we pray for our International Missions Partner OM Ships International. Their ship, Logos Hope visits ports around the world and works with local churches in each port to impact the community for Christ. Logos Hope is currently in Egypt. The new smaller ship, Doulos Hope is expected to launch this year and will have a more regional focus, largely serving in the Southeast Asia area.

Here are some things we can pray about for their ministry:

New ship Doulos Hope:

  • Continue to pray over the health and safety of the crew. Praise God for His protection from serious injuries as they configure and prepare the new ship.
  • Pray for the completion of projects on budget and that finances needed would continue to be received.
  • Please pray for the next sea trial, scheduled to take place early January. Pray for those in the process of joining Doulos Hope in their preparations to move on board.

Logos Hope:

  • Pray for sufficient crew to serve on board the Logos Hope. In particular, to provide enough qualified deck and engineering officers to bring the ship from port to port.
  • Please pray for the personal teams processing applicants and pray for all necessary paperwork to be completed.