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Today we pray for our missions partner, Mahima Homes in Kolkata, India which offers safety and security to girls and children rescued from abusive circumstances. Mahima helps restore and heal their broken lives and ensures they are reintegrated into society with dignity.

  1. Please pray for the 29 beneficiaries placed at Mahina Homes by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in April, and pray that they may find comfort, stability, and support.
  2. Pray for the 14 beneficiaries who have been reintegrated into their respective families, that their transition may be smooth and filled with love and understanding.
  3. Pray for the adoption process that began in March 2024 for one beneficiary - that it may proceed smoothly and result in a loving, permanent home.
  4. Pray for the seamless processing of the license for the Ashaneer Open Shelter which will serve children of sex workers in Kolkata's red light district.