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This week we pray for our missional partners at Mahima Homes in Kolkata, India.  Mahima provides aftercare for young women and children who have been rescued from being trafficked in the sex trade. Mahima helps restore and heal their broken lives and ensure they are reintegrated into society with dignity.  Here are some prayer and praise items from them.


  • At the Ashaloy drop-in center in Sonagachi (the largest red light area in Kolkata) we have just started a Play School for children under 6 years of age. It has been well received.
  • Children in our Mahima Homes are enjoying their summer vacations.
  • Summer camps are being conducted at all the Homes, where they learn stories from the Bible, craftwork, and new songs.
  • We are casting the second-floor roof of the Staff Quarters on the John and Mary Thomas Centre for Learning campus, at Bibirhat where the boys' home is located. We are waiting for licensing of a new girls' home. 
  • For the boys and girls in our Homes who are falling sick because of the extreme heat.
  • For the license for Premanand Boys’ Home and Upasana Girls’ Home.
  • For the renewal of the license for the Umang Girl’s Home and Umeed Girls’ Home.
  • For funds for completion of Staff Quarters on the John and Mary Thomas Centre for Learning at Bibirhat. We are expecting this project to complete in October 2022.
  • For funds for the construction of Smita Singh Memorial Mahima Upahaar Home.  We are expecting this project to start in October 2022.