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Today we pray for Mahima Homes in Kolkata, India which provides aftercare for girls and children who were rescued from being trafficked in the sex trade. Mahima helps restore and heal their broken lives and ensure they are reintegrated into society with dignity.  
Covid 19 has greatly impacted Mahima: last year, key figures in Mahima (including their founder, Smita Singh) died as a result of Covid, and now there is an incredible surge in Covid cases throughout India.

Here is the latest from the Mahima team.  Let's continue to stand with them in prayer:

1. Pray for protection in the homes as the Umeed girls home has one girl with a current case of covid19. 

2. Pray for Sutapa and the staff to have heavenly wisdom to navigate through this difficult time. 

3. Pray for all the staff at JKPS (Mahima's sponsoring organization) and for the nation of India as it is going through an incredible crisis around covid19.

4. Pray for the completion of the sale of a property that will help finance the relocation of the Mahima homes. A down payment was received.

5. Praise - the Mahima Homes were granted the ability to receive international funds directly. This means more doors are open for fundraising.