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This week we pray for Kelly and Celo Gahaya who are in Kigali Rwanda, leading Lighthouse Counselling & Training Centre.  
The Centre provides counselling to individuals, families and employees of several companies as well as training programs for counsellors.

Celo and Kelly are in the final legal processes for their adoption of Jubilee who has been part of their family for almost a year.  The adoption has been delayed several times in the courts and a new court date has been set.  Please pray that everything will finally be finalized and they will be an official legal family.

 Please pray for Kelly and Celo as they deal with the expensive and challenging frustrations with their car and mechanic shops.  Their car was in the shop for two months and they replaced many parts, however the day after they got it back it wouldn’t start, and had to be sent back to the shop. Please pray that they can finally resolve and correct the issues and be free of this stressful experience.

Please pray for the resumption of the counseling classes.  They will be able to start once schools are open again - hopefully in the next weeks.  They have 25 people registered and waiting for the class to start. 

 We join Kelly and Celo in thanking God that the strong precautions they have had to follow in response to Covid 19 have been worth it and the numbers of Covid cases have gone down. Praise God!