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This week, our missions prayer is for Kelly and Celo Gahaya who are now in Victoria after years of leading a Counselling Ministry in Rwanda.

Here’s an update from Kelly:

Our current situation with immigration has not changed, actually we heard that it might take even longer than the previously stated 21 months for Jubilee's citizenship to be approved. Please continue to pray for us that this immigration journey will finally come to an end and that we would be given the citizenship that Jubilee deserves and is entitled to.

That being said, although it was not our original plan to be in Victoria now, Celo and I have come to the shared belief that we are right where God wants us to be in this season.

We have started teaching our counseling course and it is going so well. We have a great group of students who eagerly want to learn and grow together. We are meeting weekly and it is very fruitful for all of us. We are delighted to be teaching our small team of students. It brings joy to our souls to meet weekly with them.

Jubilee is going to Kindergarten and is loving it. Which we are so happy about.

My counselling practice is slowly growing. Please pray for an increase in clientele. Celo has been blessed recently with a great part time job and is loving the environment, the people and the work.

Please pray for us to continue to get established here in Victoria and that God continues to go before us in all that we do.