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This week we pray for Kelly and Celo Gahaya. After many years leading the Lighthouse Counselling and Training Centre in Rwanda, they are in the midst of transitioning to a new mission field in the US. 
Here is an update from them:
Please pray for a smooth transition as we leave Rwanda on December 11th. It's been 12 years for me here so it is a sad time to be saying our goodbyes and transitioning our staff to take over. Celo has lived here for most of his life, so it is a major transition for him and Jubie too. We are in the midst of selling all of our belongings and trying to reduce our lives into 9 Suitcases to bring back to North America.
Please pray for us, for our sad  hearts, for our goodbyes and for us to end well here. Please pray for the continuation of the work of Lighthouse. Please pray that Lighthouse is protected and continues to flourish for many years to come. Please pray for Josee as she transitions into her new role as Business Manager and for the clinical staff as they transition into a peer supervision model to support and care for one another. 
Please pray for Jubie as she says goodbyes to all her friends. Pray for her little heart to be protected.
Our final cohort has 5 classes left and then we will have a graduation on December 4. Our current class is planning to invite all the graduates from the past 11 cohorts to attend and calling the event "A Legacy of Isana Mutima" (Restoring hearts and Rebuilding Lives in Kinyarwanda). They want to honor Celo and I and the work we've done over the past 12 years. Such an honor and blessing for us! What a great way to end. 
Also please pray that we can cross the border to Canada again in December so that we can be with our family this Christmas for the first time in 3 years. If we are able to cross the border we plan to be in Victoria for a few months to transition before heading to the new missions field in the US. Please also pray for my licensure as a therapist to come through on Washington State as we need that before we can do anything else, like paying for visas etc.