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This week we pray for Kelly and Celo Gahaya who are in Kigali Rwanda, leading Lighthouse Counselling & Training Centre.  
The Centre provides counselling to individuals, families and employees of several companies as well as training programs for counsellors. In the future, Kelly and Celo will be transitioning out of Rwanda and opening a similar Counselling Training Centre in the USA.  Here is an update from them:
We are teaching our final cohort of counselling - Cohort 12. We have had a couple months together so far and it has been awesome to see the participants grow and transform in their perspectives of counselling as well as themselves. Indirectly our course is created to be a place where students are able to process their beliefs about God and Christianity in a safe environment. Our current student body is composed of many churched and un-churched people. We are unapologetically Christians who invite people from all walks of life to join our class just as they are. What we have found as a result is that people begin to process their own faith and relationships with God while processing through some of their own emotional struggles and histories. It is a beautiful journey to walk with our students on.
It is bittersweet for us to be transitioning out of Rwanda. We are both excited about the next chapter and also sad to be leaving our home here.
  • Please pray for our ability to end our time in Rwanda well and that all the doors that need to open in the USA will open for us.
  • We need prayer for work visas, housing, US sponsorship and for our new ministry application through The Great Commission Foundation to be approved.
  • We also need prayer for increased financial support as living costs in the US will be much more expensive than in Rwanda.
  • Please also be praying for another miraculous border crossing for our family in December as we hope to be able to come home to Victoria for Christmas.

Thank you so much for loving us well."