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This week we pray for Kelly and Celo Gahaya who are in Kigali Rwanda, leading Lighthouse Counselling & Training Centre.  The Centre provides counselling to individuals, families and employees of several companies as well as offering training programs for counsellors.

Kelly reports that Ministry is going along well:

“We have a very active Counselling centre and we continue to help many people, both Rwandans and expats with their emotional and mental health concerns.” 

However Kelly and Celo continue to face bureaucratic challenges in the legal status of their family.  We praise God that Celo has now been granted Permanent Residency for Canada – although that has required a trip to Canada with very little notice. Celo is now in Canada. Kelly reports,

Having his Permanent Residency sorted out gives us such freedom with him to now be able to come and go from Canada easily (without the need for a visa) or to move to Canada permanently once we get Jubilee's adoption process finally sorted or when the Lord calls us there.”

Because Jubilee’s adoption documents have not been recognized by Canadian authorities she requires a Temporary Residency Visa to visit Canada. We pray that this document will be received quickly and Kelly and Jubilee will be able to join Celo in Canada. Kelly says

“We pray for a miracle and for a compassionate person to review our file and grant Jubilee the Visa. We are trying our best to be faithful and trust God... and this situation is very hard... Celo and I never wanted our family to be separated (hence the reason we applied for a Permanent Residency). Celo will be in Canada till early November unless we get a visa for Jubie. Then we will all stay till the end of February so that I can get the medical treatment that I need and we can spend time with our dear family and friends as we have not been home to Canada in 2 years.” 

We also pray for healing for Kelly’s ongoing medical concerns – that she will be able to come to Canada to have those addressed.