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This week we pray for Kelly and Celo Gahaya who are in Kigali, Rwanda, leading Lighthouse Counselling & Training Centre. The Centre provides counselling to individuals, families and employees of several companies as well as training programs for counsellors.

We pray for Kelly and Celo and the country of Rwanda which is experiencing another surge in Covid cases.  They are back in a 90% lockdown. The area where Kelly and Celo live has been hit particularly hard. We pray for their continued safety and give thanks that both Cello and Kelly have been able to get their first vaccine.

Another praise item – Lighthouse has just completed their 11th counseling training class cohort last month as well as a condensed 16 week version of the course in the rural area of Gategara – where Celo translated into Kinyarwanda. Kelly reports “It was an amazing blessing for us to teach together like that.

We continue to pray for healing for Kelly. The tests are all coming back clear, but she has blocked veins in her legs causing Edema. We pray that the medication she will be on for the next 3 months will enable better blood flow.

We also pray for the continued adoption issues for Jubilee Selah – praying for resolution by the end of September. They have hired a new law firm, who believe that a full adoption is possible, but it might be a long process which is even more problematic with the Covid lockdown.