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This week we pray for Jenn Taylor, our missionary to Iquique, Chile telling people about Jesus and working with Florece - a prenatal & family counselling centre.
Here is an update from Jenn
Thank you all so much for your prayers as I have transitioned back to ministry in IQQ. All of my PCR tests coming back were negative, my apartment was in good order and the Lord graciously provided a car for me in my first week back! 
The new year has brought the Omicron variant here with huge numbers being reported in our region in the last week or so. Iquique has been moved back to Phase 2, which severely limits the number of people we can have inside of a building. Please be in prayer for the church (Iglesia Bautista de Fe or Faith Baptist Church) and Florece. 
Florece has been closed for a month for "vacation" as it is summer here, and we re-opened on Thursday, January 20. We praise the Lord for 47 new clients last year and are asking the Lord for the opportunity to support many more in 2022. We are also praying about adding a 3rd day of appointments each week starting in March. 
We have just had a national partner join us in Iquique. Ibodne is from Ecuador originally but has lived in Santiago for the last 20 years. She will be joining our leadership team at the church as well as being a volunteer at Florece. 
Although things still feel very uncertain around here with changing restrictions, I'd ask that you pray for wisdom and for blessing from the Lord on our ministries here - that 2022 would be a year where many people get to hear the Good News of Jesus and respond to His invitation to new life. 
Although we are far from each other this year, know that I am praying for you and the ministries of LPC as you are praying for me! And I thank God for you and your faithfulness to the gospel in Victoria.