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This week we pray for Jenn Taylor, our missionary to Iquique, Chile telling people about Jesus and working with Florece - a prenatal & family counselling centre.

Here's an update from Jenn:

We are still in lockdown here in Iquique, but that isn't stopping the Lord from doing some incredible things in these days! Florece is open 2 days a week at this point: we are meeting new clients, have seen women accept Christ as their Saviour, have been able to give out many food boxes and diapers, and are a safe place for women and babies in a world where nothing feels very safe right now.

Please be in prayer for an online volunteer training event that is running the next 3 Mondays. We currently have 5 women signed up. The internet has been unstable for many lately, so please be praying for secure internet and good interpersonal connection through this quite impersonal format.

I am also involved in my local church overseeing the administration of Sunday to Sunday ministry: order of service, powerpoint, master calendar, etc. And I am meeting one-on-one with a young single mom for discipleship. Needless to say, between Florece, church planting team meetings, discipleship, and weekly ministry for the church, I might be in lockdown, but I never have a shortage of things to do!

Urgent Prayer Requests

I am planning my home assignment back to Canada with flights booked for May 24. At this time Chile borders are closed - please pray for them to open - if they don't, my flight will be cancelled and I will have to postpone.

The other big thing is to pray for my permanent residency to be approved before I leave - that would be a miracle. If it is approved I would be able to spend Christmas with my family before returning to Chile. If it’s not approved I can’t be out of the country for more than 180 days.

Update: Jenn emailed our Missional Engagement Team just two days ago, giving us the most recent information:

'The Chilean government has just announced an extension of the border closure at least until the end of May. There are 4 reasons why a person can get permission to leave. I am going to be applying to leave under humanitarian grounds as I need to return to Canada to raise funds so that I can continue to work with women in crisis in Northern Chile. We have no idea if this will be approved or not, and I probably won't find out until a week before my flights...
Everything else is booked. Flights. Covid Tests. Quarantine hotels. But if I can't get permission to leave, I can't leave. And I would lose all of that money (the flights can probably be changed, but the quarantine hotel requires prepayment in full). If you could please have people praying for the permission to be granted and for me to be able to get back to Canada, I would really appreciate it!