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This week we pray for Jenn Taylor, our missionary to Iquique, Chile, where she tells people about Jesus and works with Florece - a prenatal & family counselling centre.

Jenn had planned to spend early 2021 in Canada on furlough, but in response to Canada's Covid restrictions decided to continue to work in Chile.  However Child has now returned to strict lockdown.  They tried to get special permission to keep Florece open but are not considered an "essential service" and therefore were denied. They currently have 5 or 6 clients who have new babies and are facing serious food insecurity, housing insecurity etc. To respond to those needs, Jenn and her colleagues are using their two weekly permissions slips (designed for essential trips from the home) to take care of their personal needs  PLUS attempting to meet the needs of Florece clients. 
Jenn asks that we pray for wisdom for their team as their hearts are burdened for those we know who don't know Jesus and are facing incredibly difficult times. 
She asks, "Please pray for our on-line church services, for creativity in doing ministry with little freedom, and for unity amongst our team as we make tough decisions about what we can and cannot accomplish in the circumstances we find ourselves in.
Please also be praying for morale. We only had 13 days that we were able to go out and to meet in small groups before we were returned to quarantine, and with new (aka stricter) rules just announced, it could be many, many weeks or months before we can gather in even the smallest groups again.  Some of our people live in 1 room in a house with their entire families. I am always amazed at the resilience of the Chilean people, but there is a lot of suffering happening right now." 
On a personal note, Jenn says she has been participating in LPC's online services each week and enjoying the ability to worship with her people, even though we are far apart. She says she is also participating in the Shema Project along with the church!
For on-going news, check out Jenn's Facebook page: @JennGoesToChile