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Today we pray for one of our international missions partners -  International Justice Mission (IJM) and their program in South Asia to combat sex and labour trafficking.

The IJM team has been following up with and visiting survivors who were rescued earlier this year from a jewelry unit in another state. IJM has worked with these survivors to ensure that they received government-mandated funds. The survivors have now each received their initial rehabilitation money, which is an important step toward their restoration!

IJM conducted programs in multiple districts to raise awareness on labour trafficking and child labour.  One initiative was a campaign across 18 police stations with the message of protecting children from exploitation. In another initiative, one of IJM’s partners facilitated a program for NGO volunteers and daily wage labourers. A survivor who was rescued in a case earlier this year shared his experience of forced labour to shed light on this important issue.

Prayer Requests: As the IJM team continues to develop its current program in the region, please pray for the following:

  • Pray for the preparation and delivery of Trauma Informed Care trainings for local authorities and NGOs
  • Pray for strong relationships between IJM and our implementing partners
  • Pray for favour with officials that will enable effective partnership with local authorities