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Today we join with International Justice Missions (IJM) in prayer and praise as they work to eliminate the trafficking and enslaving of women and children in South Asia.

Here is one story in which we can join IJM in prayer and praise:

Priti was rescued from sex trafficking in Kolkata in 2016. In November 2020 the justice system took a large step in the fight against sex trafficking by awarding her a record-setting compensation.

Priti was orphaned as a child, and at the age of 12 or 13, she was trafficked to a red light district where she was beaten and sexually exploited. In 2016, IJM was part of the team that rescued Priti and arrested three suspects. 

Following her rescue, Priti was taken to a safe aftercare home.  IJM has been supporting Priti in her legal case, and ensuring that she qualified for victim compensation. They helped her apply for compensation and advocated for the funds to be released before the trial concluded. As a result of this advocacy, Priti was awarded compensation in the amount of 900,000 rupees (approximately $15,000 CAD), which is the highest amount ever awarded to a minor survivor in that state!

Priti, now living in an aftercare home was overjoyed at the news of the compensation and plans to use the funds for her education, and one day, toward building her home.

The trial against the three accused in Priti’s case is ongoing.  One perpetrator has already pled guilty, and IJM will continue to support the case against the remaining suspects who exploited her.  We hope that when they are held accountable, it will send a strong message that commercial sexual exploitation of minors is not tolerated

We give thanks:

-       for IJM’s ongoing work and for effective  partnerships with the justice system

-       for the rescue of Priti and other victims

Please pray:

-       for Priti as she continues her journey of healing and restoration

-       For other young girls to be rescued from the brothels,

-       That other victims who are waiting for compensation will receive it without delay,

-       Tthat the trial will proceed smoothly and that justice will be done in Priti’s case.

Below, you can find Kashi's story - who was also rescued by IJM.

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