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Our Missions Prayer this week is for our church's English Language Learners (ELL) Ministry.  This is an active outreach to people in our community who are newcomers to our country and our language. Here's an update from them.  

ELL has been going strong over this past year.  We are in the last couple of months before we break for summer.  Let's keep them in our prayers over this next season.


  • We have had many new students come over the past few weeks!  Some of their friends have brought them along while others are finding out about our classes on the Internet.  
  • For the opportunity to include Jesus' resurrection and other opportunities to share faith in our lessons
  • For the students who experience the wonder of a breakthrough and to those who strive and work hard to understand 
  • For God’s continued healing hand and touch on the teachers.  Each of us have experienced some injuries, sicknesses, and/or stresses over the past fall and winter. 

Prayer Needs

  • For the few students from Iran to be spoken to by the Holy Spirit
  • For our ELL students to gain confidence in speaking English; for patience and persistence as they learn and develop their English language skills
  • For our teachers to continue to develop meaningful relationships and to be astute and sensitive to each student’s learning needs
  • As we are nearing the last couple of months before summer break, pray for perseverance for teachers working through stress and weariness. We need the Lord’s wisdom, creativity, and patience
  • The Thursday Bible study finished their study on the Gospel of Matthew this past week.  Pray for wisdom, insight and deeper walk with the Lord for leaders and students as we delve into the book of Philippians.
  • We have been praying for many family members (spouse, mothers, siblings, parents) to come to faith in Jesus.  For the Holy Spirit to soften hearts and hear the truth. Pray for sensitivity, boldness and grace as each student lives out their faith at home.