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This week our missions prayer is for Lambrck's English Language Learners (ELL) ministry which reaches out to those who are new to or visiting our community - helping them to practise English and also to learn about Jesus.

Here is how we can join in prayer for the teachers and students.

Update -

The Monday evening class ended earlier this Spring due to holidays and unforeseen circumstances. The other classes are heading into the last few sessions before the summer break. The Thursday Bible study is wrapping up the study in the Gospel of John. The Monday class has been learning about the environment and the creation story.

We give praise and thanks for: -

  • the students who have been attending the classes and for their keen participation,
  • for the improved English language skills we have noticed in all of the students.
  • for the high level of engagement in discussions on the rich passages in the book of John.

We pray for: -

  • the students who do not yet know the Lord - that they would know that the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus is for them.
  • one of the students who is having difficulty understanding but still doing a lot of "researching" after class. We pray that God would bring understanding to her, that his Word would not come back void, and that she would not become weary and give up learning.

We also pray for the leaders: -

  • that they will be able to keep in touch with students over the summer,
  • that they will have wisdom in planning for the Fall, particular the feasibility of restarting in person classes,
  • that more leaders and helpers will join the team.