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This October sees the start of ELL (English Language Learners) classes. This Fall we are thankful to offer 3 Zoom classes. A Thursday Bible Study class began in early October. The study this Fall and Winter will be on the Gospel of John.  Two additional classes (a beginner and an intermediate class) on Monday evenings will begin on October 18th. Both classes will focus on discussions of Canadian culture, news stories/events and a Bible story.     

Please pray:

  • Praise God for returning and new students who have registered for classes. Each class will begin with 4-7 students. 
  • That God will lead new learners to both Monday and Thursday classes
  • That students who are new will feel welcome and comfortable sharing in classes 
  • For the Holy Spirit to move in and among the students
    • Some are seeking ~ may the Spirit reveal to them the deep, deep love of God in Christ Jesus as they get to know him better
    • Some students are believers ~ pray the Spirit to guide them into deeper faith - to trust in God for all things   
  • For the Holy Spirit to move in and through teachers
    • May the love of God in/for them spill over to the students
    • For wisdom and guidance for teachers as they plan lessons each week
    • Improved skill and patience while facilitating classes via Zoom
  • We have a vision to broaden the ELL ministry over Zoom and through smaller in person groups as restrictions allow.  We would love: to get more people involved in connecting with students one-to-one virtually or face to face to form friendships, show them God’s love, and share their faith and for others within our church family with a desire to show love and hospitality to join the ELL Ministry.