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This week our missions prayer focus is on Daniel and Sandi McDougall who minister at UVic (and virtually around the world) with International Student Ministries Canada.  Here's an update on their ministry:
  • During COVID restrictions, we are even more connected with our UVic international and grad student friends.  Although still registered at UVic, most students are now strewn literally around the globe, so Zoom calls (both group and individual) have become our go-to method of connecting with students, both spiritually and emotionally.
  • Some of our Middle Eastern friends (especially men) are expressing unprecedented spiritual interest in knowing Jesus and not just information about a religion called Christianity.
  • Our relationship with both UVic's Student Society and the University's Senior Administration remains warm and collegial, and deeper relationships of trust and mutual helpfulness continue to be forged.
  1. Please pray for students who are enduring severe financial struggles (i.e. not getting sufficiently well-paying summer jobs in 2020) and that we would notice and help alleviate their stress in a practical way.
  2. Please pray that we would be spiritually and emotionally aware of students (and others) who are inadvertently 'falling through the cracks' regarding COVID-related stress and emotional challenges.
  3. Please pray that we would be creative and encouraging during tough times, and not just 'biding our time' until things re-normalize.