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This week we pray for Daniel & Sandi McDougall who minister to international students at UVic  leading them to discover Jesus through the Word of God, and preparing them to serve God wherever He leads them.

We join Daniel and Sandi in bringing the following items forward in prayer.


  • Several international students are expressing keen interest in knowing Jesus.
  • Sandi is flying to Halifax June 4-10 for our mission's national conference.  It promises to be a VERY encouraging time.
  • We continue to be delighted that our two daughters (Connally and Morrigan) are not only sisters but mutually affirming best friends.


  • Please pray for international students and their families in wartorn areas.
  • Please pray for students for whom embracing the rescue of Jesus entails real cultural strain, estrangement, and even danger.
  • Please pray that Daniel's struggle with vertigo will be eased by various surgeries and therapies.