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This week we pray for Daniel & Sandi McDougall who minister to international students at UVic leading them to discover Jesus through the Word of God and preparing them to serve God wherever He leads them.

We join Daniel and Sandi in prayer for the following:


  • We continue to discover new ways to minister to students, both in-person and virtually.
  • We’re privileged to mentor other Christian groups on campus, who don’t (yet) minister among international and grad students.
  • We’re privileged to have trustworthy relationships with teachers/professors who continue to learn new ways of teaching and assessing students.


  • Please pray for international students who unwittingly enroll at local ‘diploma mills’ or receive a substandard education.
  • Please pray for our local core of volunteers, many of whom have their own stresses and griefs.
  • Please pray that we would be resilient in HOW we do ministry for optimal effectiveness.