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This week our Missions prayer is for Daniel & Sandi McDougall of International Students Ministries.  Daniel and Sandi are part of our congregation and minister to international students, graduate students, visiting scholars and researchers at UVic -  leading them to discover Jesus through the Word of God, and preparing them to serve God wherever He leads them.  We join them in prayer and praise for the following:
  1. We continue to delight in the keen spiritual hunger exhibited by many formerly jaded international student friends.
  2. Some of our former students are themselves eagerly evangelistic about Jesus in their home cultures.
  3. We keep learning, ever learning, about new (and continuing) ways to share the good news of Jesus.


  1. This season in Canada’s cultural year can be confusing: St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, April Fools. Please pray that these wouldn’t crowd out genuine spiritual inquiry.
  2. Please pray for the students who are safe in Canada while their extended families are going through political, wartime or natural disaster trauma.
  3. Please pray that international believers would be embedded into perhaps-difficult workplaces where their Jesus-reflecting light can shine.