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This week we pray for our own missionaries at UVic - Daniel & Sandi McDougall – who continue to be deeply involved with the international and graduate students (and visiting scholars and researchers).
Here’s an update from them and how we can pray for them: 
This particular Fall Term 2021 is unexpectedly even more of a challenge than the past academic year. This is because due to Covid-19 this past academic year (Sept 2020-May 2021), virtually everything on campus was relegated to 'virtual status', i.e. online instruction and gatherings only via Zoom and other protocols.  However September 2021 has presented new challenges and possibilities in a 'hybrid' sense because some gatherings and classes can take place in person with appropriate Covid-savvy safety measures, while other gatherings are only available in an online virtual way (especially for students registered at UVic but studying at a distance through virtual means). 

Praise Items:

  1. Many students have expressed interest in meeting Jesus, not simply in an 'informing' way but in a life-changing 'transforming' way.
  2. Our academic world has certainly broadened, since many students are studying AT UVic but currently distanced FROM UVic.  
  3. We are heartened by God's people in Victoria wanting to come alongside students' spiritual nurture, especially during their own stressful challenges.


Items for Prayer:

  1. Please pray that we will connect well with incoming students, researchers and scholars in a Covid season of somewhat restricted contact with them.  (This said, we are encouraged by the spiritual wisdom, "God will maintain his own appointments of grace through you in His time").
  2. Please pray that we would be optimally helpful for incoming Christian students from various places who hunger to find a spiritual home and community during their time in Victoria.
  3. Please pray for Daniel's ongoing struggle with vertigo and sapped energy that prevents him from wholeheartedly (or at least whole-energizedly) pursuing the vocational ministry that he loves.  BUT praise God that his dear Sandi has 'filled the breach' in an unprecedented and wonderfully nurturing way to students and beyond.