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Today we are privileged to pray for Daniel McDougall who serves as Victoria Team Leader for International Student Ministries Canada - our missionary at UVic.  Here is an update from Daniel:


1. Although our in-person contact with students is still limited by Covid protocol restrictions, Sandi and I continue to be well-connected with them via Zoom and other means. In fact, in many ways we are actually busier (hopefully fruitfully so) than we would be during 'normal' times and it's not rare to have attendees from virtually every continent except Antarctica.

2. We have noticed a distinct increase in spiritual inquiry and hunger to know the Bible, especially among formerly disinterested Muslim men.


1. One of the limitations of Covid restrictions (especially lack of public welcome gatherings) is that it is difficult to meet UVic's new international students and visiting scholars. Please do pray that we would be attentive to even the most tentative spiritual inquiries from newcomers and long-termers alike.

2. Please pray that we will continue to be creative and ever-adjusting to the new post-Covid realities as they unfold. We have no desire to simply default to the 'same old, same old' of former days but rather learn new ways of communicating timeless truths about God's rescue and care.

3. Please do pray for me and especially that I would be substantially restored to health before the Fall Term starts up in September. UVic's Administration anticipates a full opening and September/October are typically Sandi's and my most joyful, busy and fatiguing months. We LOVE what we're privileged to do and by God's grace I would dearly love to be able to be fully engaged without distraction or diminishment. (Yup, this last one is a somewhat selfish prayer and perhaps what I'm enduring is my own version of a 'thorn in the flesh' but I'm bold to ask for prayer nonetheless).