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Daniel and Sandi McDougal are our missionaries to international students at UVic, leading them to discover Jesus through the Word of God, and preparing them to serve God wherever He leads them.  
Today we pray for Daniel and Sandi’s involvement with the students (including grad students, professors & researchers, UVic staff and admin folk) , but we also thank God for, and pray for Daniel’s ministry to us here at Lambrick. 

Here are some updates about their student ministry:

  • International student enrollment at Uvic is only down marginally this year – so that mission field continues

  • COVID is preventing large group gatherings, but Zoom calls enable continued contact with current students as well as former students now in various international locations

  • This spring there were a number of “graduators” who left UVIC, but Daniel and Sandi are establishing relationships with UVic newcomers, and many of the scattered former contacts are replicating their Uvic introduction to Jesus in their new locations.

  • Daniel and Sandi’s weekly potlucks are no longer possible, but they are now providing staples for students who are experiencing financial challenges due to limited employment opportunities over the summer, as well as providing ready make take-out meals to befriend and encourage in troublesome times.

  • We join in celebration with the McDougals and one of the international students who will be baptized, here in Victoria, this Sunday.