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This week our missions prayer is for Clayton and Isobel Dougan and their Evangelism and Bible teaching ministry. Based in Victoria they are an active part of Lambrick Park Church.

Here is a report from them.  Lets join them in prayer regarding Clayton’s ministry opportunities and Isobel’s health.

People are telling us how the Lord has blessed them through the preaching of His word. The Commencement Day at Capernwray to close the Capernwray Bible School year was a joyous occasion. On April 29th I will have the privilege of teaching in the Capernwray online Bible Academy. This is a one day event and it’s free. Then on April 30th I will be at Bakerview Gospel Chapel (a happening place) for the morning.

We have been deeply touched by all the expressions of love and prayerful support following Isobel’s recent hospital stay. The problem seems to have been seriously low sodium levels, low blood sugar levels and electrolytes not anything like they should be. It is now a case of working on blood sugar levels and diet. The Acid Reflux continues to be a problem. However we are so grateful that recovery is happening even if it seems slow.