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This week our missions prayer is for Clayton and Isobel Dougan and their Evangelism and Bible teaching ministry. Based in Victoria they are an active part of Lambrick Park Church.

Here's an update from them:

We so appreciate all the support we receive from our Church family at Lambrick. Here are some items for praise and prayer:

For Praise,

  1. That we are recovering well from the nasty flu bug.
  2. For the Lord’s amazing faithfulness throughout 2022. Every need has been met.
  3. For the many lives that have been impacted through the ministry.

For Prayer,

  1. For the many opportunities planned for preaching the Gospel and teaching God’s word on the Island here and on the Lower Mainland.
  2. For teaching assignments at the Capernwray Bible School on Thetis Island.
  3. For the one on one ministry to various people which has opened up for Isobel as well as me.
  4. For the constant need for wisdom that we will maintain a healthy balance in our lives.