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This week our missions prayer is for Clayton and Isobel Dougan and their ministry of Evangelism and Bible teaching. Based in Victoria, they are an important part of Lambrick Park Church.

In the last months, Clayton has experienced numerous cardiac health issues. Although Clayton still feels very unwell there are several things for which he and Isobel are so grateful:

  • That the recent stroke was not much worse than it was
  • For the excellent care from doctors and hospital staff
  • For the kindness of neighbours and the Lambrick church family 

Heart problems as well as the stoke mean that Clayton and Isobel are facing a number of challenges these days, so we join them in prayer for the following:

  • For hospital appointments coming up
  •  That good decisions will be made for Clayton’s recovery process
  • For neighbours to whom Clayton and Isobel have been able to witness