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This week our missions prayer is for Clayton and Isobel Dougan and their Evangelism and Bible teaching ministry. Based in Victoria they are an active part of Lambrick Park Church.

They have recently experienced some very unusual and trying circumstances.  Here is their report and how we can pray for them:

We are, on strong doctor’s advice, in recovery mode following our recent traumatic experiences - Clayton was stung by a hornet, went into anaphylactic shock, was unconscious, Isobel had to dial 911, and Clayton was taken to hospital. This was very traumatizing for both of us. Since then, Clayton has been diagnosed with a “Dentritic Corneal Ulcer” (a form of shingles) in his left eye, close to where he had been stung. A few days later Clayton was attacked and bitten by a large dog.

Between the sting and the dog episode, Clayton taught for a week at Capernwray Holiday Bible Week #5. There was evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work in the conversations he had with various people. He will be having a Zoom meeting on Friday with a young father who wants to talk over some issues raised during that week.

While resting, Clayton had to cancel a couple of preaching engagements, but has been able to continue mentoring the men who have been part of the ministry for some time now.

Please pray for a full recovery and for ministry planned for the coming Fall.