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This week we pray for Clayton and Isobel Dougan - evangelists based here in BC, working with Evangelism International. Their ministry has responded to Covid 19 restrictions by offering weekly 10 minute messages on YouTube as well as providing Zoom and taped sermons to churches and groups in BC and beyond. 

Let's join with them in praising God for:
1. God’s faithfulness in every area of ministry
2. Lives being positively changed through the weekly YouTube messages. 
3. One man coming to assurance of Salvation. 

And we will pray with them for the following prayer requests:
1. The ongoing YouTube ministry (37 weeks now). 
2. The biweekly Bible Study for men.
3. A former Muslim friend who professed to be trusting the Lord. God has given the promise in Philippians 1:6 regarding him. 
4. Wisdom in coping with Covid restrictions
5. Preaching ministry via Zoom