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Today we pray for one of our local missions -  Camp Imadene. Camp Imadene has been providing Vancouver Island with quality Christian camping for over 95 years. Here is an update from their executive director, Chris Burdge:
Another summer of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ has come to an end. I am encouraged by what God enabled us to accomplish this year, especially since COVID presented significant challenges.  We were able to offer 4 different types of programs, 20 individual Day Camps, 5 Overnight Weekends for children and teens, 3 Family Camps, and 4 Women's Outdoor Adventure weekends.  In total, we welcomed 2,345 campers to our site, with 628 of those people being brand new to Camp Imadene. God’s hand was evident in all areas including strong registrations, safety from major injuries, health safety from COVID, financial support, and staffing.
One of the highlights from this past summer was watching the amazing summer staff team.  Each day they came prepared to serve Jesus and love our campers.  The summer staff was given the task of producing our chapel sessions for day camps.  They worked in teams to make a skit based on a bible story. The Skits were well thought out, engaging, and on point with the message. Each day after the skit a different summer staff would speak to the kids telling a story from their life and then relating it to the gospel of Jesus.  It was a pleasure to serve alongside each of these 26 young disciples of Jesus Christ.
Moving forward we would like prayer in the following areas:
Clarity: That God will make clear his plan for us as we plan for Summer 2022.
Staffing: Our full-time staff team needs a few holes to be filled as we recover from the effects of the pandemic.  Mainly we are looking for an office worker who can do basic bookkeeping, as well as fill in for Lisa Hilchie who is on maternity leave.