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Inspired by God’s heart to give, each Advent at Lambrick we commit to give together to a need or opportunity related to one of our missional partners - locally or globally - or simply a need that we feel we can’t ignore.  This year we have an opportunity to do both all at once!

This year, we want to give our Advent Offering to fund the procurement, loading, and delivery of humanitarian aid supplies into Ukraine, from Moldova, via the work of Partners International. A two ton truck containing food, hygiene supplies, petrol, and medications costs approximately $10,000 CDN. 

Chan Skalinder, Vice President of Ministry Advancement with Partners International, recently shared with Lambrick's Missional Engagement Team:

“Within the last 100 days, we organized 10 humanitarian aid trips into Ukrainian territory.  We reached 6 churches in 3 cities (Odesa, Chernivtsi, Mogilev-Podolsky) with 15,000 kg of food, hygiene supplies, as well as petrol and medications.  In total, we have supported 1070 people who are living in terrible situations of need.  The situation is only growing worse, as winter approaches, there are many people living without power, gas, or a reliable supply of food.  We will continue to travel in and would appreciate your help to aid in this crisis in Ukraine.”  

So, this is our Advent Project goal for this year!  In addition, beyond the obvious need in Ukraine as winter intensifies, this project is also a first-step toward a possible longer-term partnership with a wholistic Christian ministry in Moldova, called Beginning of Life (  Stay tuned for more information about that.   


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