Looking for ideas on how your family can love your neighbours while social distancing?  Here are a few different ideas for different ages!  Just choose what works for your family.

UNICEF Vaccines
Help provide vaccines to those in need - a special opportunity for kids in Grade 4 and 5!


By learning about science and vaccines, then completing short quizzes, your kids can provide free vaccines to those in need. Every time a student scores 80% or higher on a quiz, they donate life-saving vaccines to UNICEF Canada.

Register at https://kidsboostimmunity.com/user/register using the code "watson-LPC45"

Team name is Colossians 4:5 (Thanks for the idea Athan!)


Stained Glass Windows

Add colour to your windows as a way to spread some cheer to your neighbours!


Simply create your design with some painter's tape, paint, remove the tape--and you're done!


Suggested recipe for paint that will remove easily: mix kids crayola washable paint with a bit of water and a drop of dawn soap



Hearts in the Window

If pets, or limited supplies, make doing a stained glass window impractical--you can still spread love and cheer to your neighbours by decorating your window with paper hearts!  Your kids may not be able to play with their friends in the neighbourhood, but they can still help their friends feel less alone while social distancing.  

Sidewalks of Hope

Grab some chalk and fill the sidewalks with encouragement and thanks to all our essential workers!

Celebrate Milestones

Be on the lookout for neighbours that are reaching milestones, and help them celebrate!

Create door hangings, mailbox decorations, or yard signs for them to display.  Grab some sidewalk chalk and write an encouraging message  Let your kids creativity lead the way!

As your neighbors miss out on important celebrations during this season, show them that they are remembered, celebrated, and loved.

Snail Mail

As thing reopen, there is a risk of the medically vulnerable feeling even more disconnected.  Consider sending a physical piece of mail--filled with words of encouragement or adorable pictures--to a long term care facility near you.  Let the vulnerable know they are remembered, cared for, loved.  

Community Hopscotch

If you live in a cul-de-sac or on a quiet street, use sidewalk chalk to create a giant hopscotch game!

Or maybe your kids like the idea of a "path of challenge" better.  Consider including differently-shaped lines to follow, circles to jump in, and blocks with challenges like, “10 jumping jacks” or “20 squats.”

Invite your neighbors to add on to the courses you create. Enjoy hanging out in your yard and watching others as they play on your paths.